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Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa Essay - 275 Words

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa (Essay Sample) Content: Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort SpaName:Institution:Sarova whitesands beach resort spa is a full time resort situated in Kenyan in north coast Mombasa (Sarova whitesands beach resort spa, 2014). It is one of the most stunning, admirable and magnificent white sand beaches in East Africa. It is a high-class resort that is all round; in that, it works on the concept that it provides all the leisure activities within its boundaries. Beside the ordinary services offered in other resort such as restaurant and guest room, sarova whitesands offer its clients other high-class facilities. The resort offers fitness and wellness facilities for its clients. The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art fitness facilities and equipments (Sarova whitesands beach resort spa, 2014). Further, it is well staffed with highly trained and disciplined gym instructors, who guide the customer on what exercises to undertake in accordance to their needs. The resort also has a center for Professi onal Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the service help train the visitors who besides going for a holiday can gain by undertaking a short course on diving (Sarova whitesands beach resort spa, 2014). The course will help its client take full advantage of the ocean and ensure they enjoy the oceanic experience with style. Sarova whitesand also offers all sorts of water sports facilities and games; such as, jet skiing, snorkeling and scuba diving. In case the client does not want to enjoy the salty water of the ocean, the resort has other fresh water facilities. It is equipped with several swimming pools, with springboards, waterslides and diving boards. The resort also has a wide space that enables clients to enjoy all sorts of beach games like beach volleyball and beach soccer. In addition to the beach games the resort boast of four flood lit tennis courts, which can also double as helicopters landing grounds (Sarova whitesands beach resort spa, 2014). Sarova whitesands al so offers services for special interest groups like, de...

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Case Study Of The Doctor Orders - 1770 Words

Kelsey Schmader HLTH200-02 Case Study 1. The doctor orders the following tests: complete blood count (CBC), ESR, hemoglobin A1C, blood glucose, urinalysis, and CT bladder. a. Describe each diagnostic test and what each test is supposed to indicate (what might each test show and why?) Make sure you give references for your answers. b. Why do you think they are appropriate for the doctor to order for Tim at this time? Make sure you give references for your answers. CBC a. The complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test that measures the number of different cells in the blood including but not limited to platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. It may indicate whether or not the patient has low hemoglobin and hematocrit numbers†¦show more content†¦This level is elevated in those who are fatigued which is why the doctor may have ordered this test. An elevated ESR may indicate diabetes (Kavanaugh 2003). b. This test is appropriate for the doctor to order because it may indicate why Tim is feeling fatigued. Hemoglobin A1C a. A hemoglobin A1C diagnostic test is an average of blood sugars over three month period. It tells what percentage of hemoglobin carries oxygen and how much of the hemoglobin had glucose attached to it. Deals with glucose readings to get a longer evaluation of blood sugar over last three months as opposed to single finger sticks that only give blood sugar at a specific moment. That would better indicate a pattern of increased blood glucose that would lead to a diagnosis of diabetes (Manfred 2014). b. Hemoglobin A1C is a good test for Tim because it indicates his blood sugar over a longer period of time which may indicate diabetes. Extreme thirst is a common sign of diabetes and because it was a symptom of Tim the doctor ordered this test to see if he may be diabetic. Blood Glucose a. Blood glucose –see if glucose was elevated at a current moment. Fasting blood glucose may indicate diabetes or if normal numbers could rule out diabetes. b. The doctor ordered a blood glucose test for Tim to see if his blood sugar is elevated. Again, his symptoms are common signs of diabetes and this test could indicate whether or not he may have it. Tim has excessive thirst, and this is a sign of

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Essay on The Perverse in the Short Stories of Edgar Allan...

Edgar Allan Poe is perhaps the best-known American Romantic who worked in the Gothic mode. His stories explore the darker side of the Romantic imagination, dealing with the grotesque, the supernatural, and the horrifying. He defined the form of the American short story. As one might expect, Poe himself eschewed conventional morality, which he believed stems from mans attempts to dictate the purposes of God. Poe saw God more as process than purpose. He believed that moralists derive their beliefs, and thus, the resultant behavioral patterns, from a priori knowledge. In Eureka, we find that Poe shunned such artifices of mind, systems which, he professed, have no basis in reality. Yet Poe employed in his writing the diction of the moral†¦show more content†¦By this time, Toby utters scarcely a sentence without oaths, his favorite of which is to bet the devil his head that he can accomplish whatever challenge lies before him. One day as the narrator accompanies Toby Dammit on a route which requires the crossing of a covered bridge, Toby bets the devil his head that he can leap over a bridge stile, pigeon winging as he performs the feat. Unexpectedly a little lame old gentleman of venerable aspect (Poe 491) interrupts with an emphatic ahem to take Toby up on his bet. The elderly gentleman wears a a full suit of black, but his shirt was perfectly clean and the collar turned very neatly down over a white cravat. Oddly, his eyes are carefully rolled up into the top of his head, and he wears a black silk apron. (491) After he takes charge of Toby, allowing him a running start, the elderly interloper takes his position just behind the stile. The narrator awaits the gentlemans One--two--three--and--away, when Toby initiates his running leap. To all appearances, the young reprobate is destined to clear the stile easily, pigeon-winging as he flies, when abruptly his progress is arrested, and the luckless Toby falls flat on his back on hisShow MoreRelatedPoe and Perversely1719 Words   |  7 Pagesperson is perverse? So what is perversely, as defined in the Webster Dictionary Perversely means â€Å"1.) Turned away from what is right or good. 2.) Obstinate in opposing what is right, reasonable o accepted.† So perversely just basically means that someone does something that they know is wrong but they do it anyways. Everyone that is human is perverse at some point in their life. Which leads me to the second question a person might be asking, â€Å"How can a person be perverse?† Being perv erse is basicallyRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Tell Tale Heart1581 Words   |  7 PagesEdgar Allan Poe wrote many gothic stories with twisted themes and ideas. An example in his works is the conception of overthinking something that is not there. Many of these tales end with someone being killed due to the fascination of an unrealistic problem trying to be solved. Imagination is a main factor that drives the narrators to become worried. The obsessing narrators in Edgar Allan Poe’s â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart†, â€Å"The Black Cat†, and â€Å"The Imp of the Perverse† demonstrate the idea that guiltRead MoreComparison of Edgar Allan Poes The Imp of the Perverse and The Tell-Tale Heart770 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most recognizable literary figures in 19th century American literature. Poe is most well known for his short stories that focus on a psychologically unhinged character who murders an innocent person without motive a nd eventually cracks under pressure before the police, ultimately turning himself in for the crimes he committed. Two such stories that follow this theme are The Imp of the Perverse and The Tell-Tale Heart. The Imp of the Perverse begins unlike manyRead MoreEssay on The Black Cat by Edgar Alan Poe1083 Words   |  5 PagesCat,† short story from Edgar Alan Poe, has a few characters and many points of view that probably provide the most important elements in this short story. Therefore, the examination of the conflicts of the protagonists in Edgar Allan Poe’s description plays an important part with the objective of understand this short story. This paper’s objective is to analyze the significance of the characteristics of the protagonist. According to the American romanticist writer Edgar Allen Poe, the story of â€Å"TheRead MoreAnalysis Of Edgar Allan Poe s The Imp Of The Perverse 1629 Words   |  7 Pages Mariana Falossi Professor O’Brien LTEN 176 November 8 2017 The Imp of the Perverse American writer and critique Edgar Allan Poe is very well known for his gothic tales of mystery, suspense, and horror. While his impressive collection of work carry thrilling themes of fear, death, and tragedy, Poe’s work goes beyond the purpose of literary entertainment and revealing his own inner demons. His writing may be heavily influenced by his own dark and tragic experiences and losses, but it also revealsRead MoreReview Of Edgar Allan Poe s The Black Cat And Fall Of The House Of Usher 1451 Words   |  6 Pagesrenowned author Edgar Allan Poe, contains common themes, symbols and structures that make his work easily recognizable as this specific type of literature. Poe’s writing often incorporates many gothic elements, and especially puts emphasis on elements leading to madness and downfall in the lives of his characters. Through the use of suspense provoking gothic elements, Poe is able to captivate and intrigue his readers, which attributes to his widespre ad popularity. In his short stories, â€Å"The Black Cat†Read MoreAn Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe s The Tell Tale Heart 1015 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Membrane† Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most acclaimed short story writers of all time and is considered the father of the psychological thriller. He has achieved ever-lasting fame for his work in various fields of literature, from prose to verse. However, it is his Gothic narrative, in the short story realm he is greatest known for and is regarded as one of the foremost masters of horror that the United States has ever fashioned. The crucial component to these horror stories is usually theRead MoreTragedies Influence Poes Works749 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduced by tragedies early in his life, Edgar Allan Poe became one of the most successful writers, poets, and storytellers to ever live. Edgar Allan Poe had the intelligence to do anything he wanted to do, however, the pain of losing his loved ones always seemed to drive him towards a pen and paper. His emotions never failed to show through his writings, which helped the story line touch the readers. Poe became very close to several differ ent women but each would die shortly after he came to loveRead MoreWords to Describe Edgar Allen Poe Essay1683 Words   |  7 PagesWords to Describe Edgar Allen Poe Hoaxter, liar, impostor, and plagiarizer (45) are words Kaplan used to describe Edgar Allan Poe. Poe as he claimed to be, was the best when it came to deception and perversion. In living his life and even in his manner of negotiating death, Poe was a captive of the imp of perversity. But with art as his shield, the realms of perversity became a haven for his troubled soul. . . Perversion is a complex strategy of mind, with its unique principles for regulatingRead MoreThe Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe885 Words   |  4 Pageswould be Edgar Allan Poe, a writer and a poet, whom would be absolutely intrigued in these behaviors. His unique interpretation of the human mind could be seen in â€Å"The Black Cat.† In this short story Edgar Allan Poe embeds himself as the protagonist who are mere victims of the complexities of the mind known as revenge, anger, and perversity. â€Å"The Black Cat† shows the vital side effects of the mind recognized as revenge, anger, and perversity. This is witnessed at the very start of the short story

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”The Door in the Wall” by H. G. Wells Sample Essay Example For Students

†The Door in the Wall† by H. G. Wells Sample Essay The Door in the Wall is a narrative about Lionel Wallace. the narrator’s friend who was shearching for a door he found in his childhood. The door that had led him into enchanted garden of fantastic things and people. The storyteller himself says that he doesn’t know whether Lionel himself was the possesor of an incomputable privilege or the victim of a antic dream. Even in the terminal. Redmond is non really much convinced in the world of his narrative. One of his believes was that Wallace was no more than a victim of the happenstance between a rare but non unprecendented type of hallucination and a careless trap. But Wallace was perfectly convinced in the being of the Door. To him the Door in the Wall was a existent door taking through a existent wall to immortal worlds. I believe it was his manner of get awaying from his unhappy childhood. His female parent died when he was two and was under the attention of a nursery governess. His male parent gave him small atention and was a austere. pre-occupied attorney. I presume that because of the deficiency of attending and fondness which he recieved at an early age he strated seeing the green door. I would state that the Door symbolises his allienation. solitariness and bad luck. He created for himself a whole new universe where everything was as he wanted to be and where he had everything he needed. † I forgot the kind of gravitative pull back to the subject and obeisance of place. I forgot all vacillations and fright. forgot discretion. bury all the intimate worlds of this life. I became in a minute a really glad and wonder-happy small male child – in another universe. It was a universe with a different quality. a heater. more acute and mellower visible radiation. with a swoon clear gladfulness in its air. and wisps of sun-touched cloud in the blueness of its sky. After. tall. just miss lifted me and kissed me. there was no astonishment. but merely an feeling of delicious rightness of being reminded of happy things that had in some unusual manner been overlooked. † From these lines we can see that he was really unhappy at his place. where he feared possibly his male parent who wanted so much from him but gave so small in return. You can e xperience the coldness of an English house where a immature small male child had to conceal and forbear his feelings and be disciplined and distinct. He was urgently seeking for love and apprehension which he hadn’t received at his house. Doubtless. in my sentiment. the tall. just girl represents his female parent who provides him his long quests like love. attending and security. In this portion he sees everything that he lose. what he thought that he should hold had. Merely a few minutes spent in the fantastic garden intensified him the defects of a existent life. After this event. when he returned place to world. in effort to recite what happened to him. he was punished. Because of that from the early yearss his imaginativeness had been repressed. †Even my fairy-tale books were taken off from me for a time- because I was to ‘imaginative’ . I believe his male parent wasn’t traveling to let his boy. for who he had greater programs for. to inquire off in a such a universe like that. Everyone was forbidden to listen to his narratives about it. In the garden. he mentioned two great jaguars. They coul d besides be conected to his female parent because jaguars are animate beings who nurture like female parents and combine strenght. protection and being. .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 , .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .postImageUrl , .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 , .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99:hover , .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99:visited , .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99:active { border:0!important; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99:active , .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99 .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u256914db590b730ef19df4db1964ec99:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The name for AIDS is short for acquired immune def EssayTo reason. I believe Wallace was merely a lost. lonely small male child throughout all of his life and that he neer recovered from the love lacking and cold place he lived in. He didn’t acquire fondness when he was a kid and that feeling of rejection followed him all his life. Even when he grew up and became Prime Minister he had feelings of letdown and dissatisfaction despite his prestigiousness. great achievments and celebrity. He ever felt like something was losing and has neer stopped dreaming of unachievable enchanted garden. He neer forgott about the Door who appeared to him few more times in life after c hildhood but he neer went in once more. He would ever happen some alibis non to travel in. He desired it so much but neer entered when he had the chance. Although he praised the garden. possibly he was afraid what he would happen if he entered. Maybe it wouldn’t be every bit good as he remembered it. possibly he would be dissapointed or would even recognize that they were non existent. Cipher really knows. It seems he could merely genuinely be happy in his ain fictional universe. †If it’s a dream. I am certain it was a day-time and all together extraordinary dream. †

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Why I Picked Speech Essays - Speech And Language Pathology

Why I Picked Speech The science field of communication disorders has been of interest to me since my early childhood years. As a toddler, my younger brother Paul suffered forma severe ear infection, which caused him to lose fifty percent of his hearing. Due to this, Paul developed a speech impediment. At the age of seven I was introduced to the communication disorders field when I accompanied my brother for his first speech lesson. I remember observing through a one way mirror as the speech pathologist worked with my brother on pronunciations, syllables and playing phonics games. I recall the session as being fun and enjoyable both for Paul and the speech pathologist. My brother went to numerous sessions after this, and with my curiosity, I also attended. Now at the age of fifteen Paul has no impediment. No one would ever know he once had difficulties speaking. I enjoyed watching these lessons, and as I grew older, my curiosity grew even stronger, which made me investigate this field as a career. Due to this childhood experience, I have decided that communication disorders is the field I wish to study for my future career. Knowing the difficulty of this field has made my dedication to my academics even stronger. Throughout my four years of high school I have tried to take courses related to the communication disorders and science fields. I have been a hard working student throughout my years of schooling, because one day I hope to have an impact on children's lives the way someone did my brother's. I am an excellent candidate for the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Women, Inc. Scholarship because I have proved to be a dedicated and involved student during my Taunton High School career. Throughout my four years of high school I have excelled academically and athletically. I have been an extremely busy student. Currently The vice president of my high school, I have obtained the respect of both my peers and faculty. Many of our school functions have been left to my responsibility, such as ?Spirit Week?, ?Senior Week?, proms, school dances and more. Besides being one of the leaders of my school, I am also the captain of the Taunton High Swim Team and have been in charge of many other school and outside related committees, including the Advisory Board which converses with our school committee to discuss ways to make Taunton High a better place. Dedicating much of my time to school related activities, has been a wonderful experience. As I further my education, I plan to contin ue my involvement and further pursue my leadership qualities. Although I feel I have been an asset to my school, my desire to achieve my dream of becoming a speech pathologist can not be accomplished by dedication and inspiration alone. Being the hard worker that I am will get me far, but in this day and age money is also a necessity. Each college that I have applied and been accepted to, including Northeastern University and the University of New Hampshire requires immense sums of money. I am hoping that a good financial aid package will help defray expenses, but I know that I will need assistance from other organizations to achieve my goal. Speech and Communication Essays

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Alcohol Proof Definition and Examples

Alcohol Proof Definition and Examples Grain alcohol or spirits may be labeled using proof rather than percent alcohol. Heres what proof means and an explanation of why its used and how its determined. Alcohol  Proof Definition Alcohol proof is twice the  volume  percentage of  ethyl alcohol  (ethanol) in an alcoholic beverage. It is a measure of the ethanol (a specific type of alcohol) content of an alcoholic beverage. The term originated in the United Kingdom and was defined as 7/4 the alcohol by volume (ABV). However, the UK now uses ABV as the standard to express alcohol concentration, rather than the original definition of proof. In the United States, the modern definition of alcohol proof is twice the percentage of ABV. Alcohol Proof Example:  An alcoholic beverage that is 40%  ethyl alcohol  by volume is referred to as being 80 proof. 100-proof whiskey is 50% alcohol by volume. 86-proof whiskey is 43% alcohol by volume. Pure alcohol or absolute alcohol is 200 proof. However, because alcohol and water form an azeotropic mixture, this purity level cannot be obtained using simple distillation. Determining ABV Since ABV is the basis for calculated alcohol proof, its useful to know how alcohol by volume is determined. There are two methods: measuring alcohol by volume and measuring alcohol by mass. The mass determination does not depend on temperature, but the more common percent (%) of total volume is temperature dependent. The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) requires volume percent (v/v%) measurements be performed at 20  Ã‚ °C (68  Ã‚ °F). Countries belonging to the European Union may measure ABV using either mass percent or volume percent. The United States measures alcohol content in terms of alcohol percent by volume. The percentage of alcohol by volume must be labelled, although most liquors also state proof. Alcohol content may vary within 0.15% of ABV stated on the label, for spirits containing no solids and over 100 ml in volume. Officially, Canada uses US labeling stating percent alcohol by volume, although the UK proof standard may still be seen and heard. Common spirits at 40% ABV are called 70 ° proof, while 57% ABV is 100 proof. Over-proof rum is rum containing greater than 57% ABV or exceeding 100 ° UK proof. Older Versions of Proof The UK used to measure alcohol content using proof spirit. The term came from the 16th century when British sailors were given rations of rum. In order to demonstrate the rum hadnt been watered down, it was proved by covering it with gunpowder and igniting it. If the rum didnt burn, it contained too much water and was under proof, while if it burned, this meant at least 57.17% ABV was present. Rum with this alcohol percentage was defined to be 100 ° or one hundred degrees proof. In 1816, the specific gravity test replaced the gunpowder test. Until January 1, 1980, the UK measured alcohol content using proof spirit, which was equivalent to 57.15% ABV and defined to be spirit with a specific gravity 12/13 that of water or 923 kg/m3. Reference Jensen, William.  The Origin of Alcohol Proof(PDF). Retrieved November 10, 2015.

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Philosophical Analysis of Terrorism and Torture Essay

Philosophical Analysis of Terrorism and Torture - Essay Example Modern wars are by design, not in alignment with the Just War Doctrine. Justification to initiate and continue a war is dependent upon the propaganda that starts before a war, continues and evolves according to the circumstances during this heinous act and subsides long after the war is over. It is therefore safe to assert that the Just War Doctrine does not in any way provide the control required to limit the violence related to war; instead it functions to guide the powerful forces to seek suitable justifications regarding initiation of the war process; no matter how misaligned the justifications. War conventions fail to substantiate in cases where the powerful forces regard their opponents as being â€Å"less than humans†. US attack on Iraq for eradication of weapons of mass-destruction can be regarded as a recent example of this scenario. Despite inflicting immense damage to the target country, no such weapons were recovered; the justification of war was hence flawed. Judging torture in the light of ethical theories can bring forth variable outcomes. The proponents of torture present it as the only available means for revelation of information that is essential to provide protection to other humans. An example in this regard is the ‘ticking bomb’ scenario that is often presented to convince people about the importance of torture as a means of ensuring the safety of masses. Judging torture from the deontological perspective brings forth the fact that torture should be avoided at all costs (Gordon 62). Since the proponents of deontological approach are inclined towards highlighting the importance of ‘duty’ without regard to the ‘outcome’; this approach demands that the general approach of treating the suspects be in accordance to the ethical principles and hence torture should be avoided at all costs. This is in contradiction to other ethical approaches which take into account the